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What is GEAR Online Resource?

To start, we introduce you to GEAR online resource’s several features:

  • Mind mapping that provides solutions (long- and short-term) to common and important methodological difficulties
  • Comparisons of recommendations from selected health economics guidelines
  • “Ask an Expert,” a question-and-answer feature that allows users to pose questions to experts on issues that are not dealt with in the other features of the website

Understanding GEAR

Do you want to understand a little more on what GEAR can offer to you? Watch this animation that explains in the simplest way possible the features of GEAR. 

Mind Mapping

How do we conceptualize ideas and find solutions? We map them out!

The mind map feature of the GEAR online resource provides users with a way to address their challenges through short-term and long-term solutions visually represented through the mind map. The right-side provides researchers with immediate solutions for their current challenges based on available information. The left-side shows researchers which questions arise from the methodological challenges presented and the hypotheses they are based on.

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A new HTA guideline from a high-income country, Singapore, added to the GEAR database

The Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE), the national health technology assessment agency in Singapore, releases its first version of the methods guide for medicine assessment entitled “Drug Evaluation Methods & Process Guide (Version 1)” in support of their technical evaluations to inform coverage decisions for treatments as well as the development of guidelines on the rational use of treatments for health facilities in Singapore.

Aiming to standardize their methods and promote the transparency of their processes, this guide lays out the fundamental methodology and process framework supporting the evaluation of the clinical and economic evidence and value-based pricing processes for medicines which are being considered for government subsidy. As such, the guide sits within the Ministry of Health Drug Advisory Committee’s (DAC) decision-making processes for drug coverage through listing on the Standard Drug List (SDL) or the Medication Assistance Fund (MAF). Likewise, this document shall guide healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry who also provide evidence and advice to support ACE’s evaluations.

This methods guide outlines the process framework from topic selection, technology evaluation, scoping, evidence generation and critical appraisal, the reference case, value-based pricing, as well as processes for independent evidence review centers, decision-making, and guidance development and implementation.

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