New DCEA handbook, An all-in-one guide to economic evaluation of equity impacts and trade-offs.

Author: Jarut Khetjumnun

14 Oct 2020 1870 0

The definitive guide to equity methods in health economic evaluation - a landmark in the field. Michael Drummond, Professor of Health Economics, University of York, UK

 A thorough and accessible overview; the introductory chapters should be part of any graduate-level course on health economic evaluation. Milton Weinstein, Research Professor of Health Policy and Management, Harvard University, USA

Distributional cost-effectiveness analysis aims to help healthcare and public health organizations make fairer decisions with better outcomes. It provides information about equity in the distribution of costs and effects — who gains, who loses, and by how much. It can also analyse the trade-offs that sometimes occur between equity and efficiency.

This handbook by University of York, written by Richard Cookson, Susan Griffin, Ole F Norheim and Anthony J Culyer, comes with a set of training exercises and analysts and an accessible guide for academics, practitioners, managers, policymakers, and stakeholders.


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