Ghana Endorses 1st Edition of Reference Case for HTA

Author: HITAP

26 Jun 2023 1235 0

Ghana has finally concluded work on a reference case for Health Technology Assessment. This has been endorsed by Hon. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, the Minister of Health, and was launched on June 23th, 2023.

A reference case refers to a preferred set of methodological standards for a range of items relevant to conducting an economic evaluation or HTA that frames the boundaries of the study, such as the modelled time horizon, outcome measure(s), and the approach to resource use identification and costing.

The 1st edition of Ghana's HTA Reference Case is developed to:
1) Guide the conduct and reporting of HTAs and economic evaluations so that the approach to the analyses and the presentation of results are coherent, transparent, and consistent.
2) Support the HTA Secretariat of the MOH in the planning and management of the conduct of HTA.
3) Harmonise expectations of policy and decision-makers, targeted implementing entities and all relevant stakeholders in relation to HTA findings.
4) Ensure that 
HTA evidence-based policy decisions are based on a uniform and transparent process and in accordance with set standards.

This represents a significant step towards evidence-based healthcare decision-making in Ghana, ensuring that policymakers can optimize resource allocation, enhance health outcomes, and foster a sustainable and equitable healthcare system.

Continuous collaboration, capacity building, and monitoring efforts will be keys to the successful implementation and refinement of the Reference Case, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and better healthcare services for all Ghanaians.

Ghana's HTA Reference Case (1st edition):