2014 Thailand's Life Table

Author: HITAP

09 May 2022 1194 0

About life table

  • Life table is an important measure of population health. It indicates how long a person can live, life expectancy (mostly at birth but is applicable to other age groups too) and is a standard measure which is comparable across different countries.
  • It shows the probability of a person dying before their next birthday
  • Life expectancy calculation uses information from life table
  • Male and female life tables are separate because death rates for the two genders are largely different.
Ix: Number of survivors at age x
nqx: probability of dying between age x and x+n
nDx: number of deaths between age x and x+n
nLx: Number of person years lived between age x and x+n
Tx: Total number of person years lived after age x
ex: Life expectancy at age x

For health technology assessment, life table is crucial for the construction of models for economic evaluation because the information in the life table is needed to calculate probability of dying in the model.

The age specific general mortality was derived from the 2014 Thailand’s life table generated by the Burden of Disease Research Program Thailand (BOD Thailand http://bodthai.net/), International Health Policy Program, Ministry of Public Health which was funded by the ThaiHealth Promotion Foundation.

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