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CEA studies may be prospective studies or modelled studies

CEA studies may be prospective studies or modelled studies. Would economic evaluations be called “modelled studies” (clinical outcome is taken from systematic review and meta-analysis) rather than collecting primary data to measure clinical outcomes? If data for clinical outcome is collected, sh...

Asked: 27 Feb 2017  |   322 views  |   1 answer

Sample size for economic evaluation

There are always concern for calculating power and sample size in economic evaluation, whether the number of samples is representative enough and the result could be generalized to the population. Is there any standard method for sample size calculation in economic evaluation? And whether the method...

Asked: 14 Mar 2018  |   114 views  |   3 answers

Expected Value of Perfect Information

How useful really is Expected Value of Perfect Information as an additional analysis to support decision-making for the healthcare system? Are there settings/countries now who are conducting this as part of their standard analysis to complement the results of cost effectiveness analysis?

Asked: 30 May 2018  |   36 views  |   2 answers